What Makes Pita Way So Good?

Pita Way mediterranean food http://pitaway.com/ is a mediterranean food fast casual restaurant with 9 locations in Michigan. Offering the finest mediterranean food in Livonia, Troy, Warren, New Hudson, Fenton, Lake Orion, Brighton, Clarkston, and White Lake. Mediterranean food is trending in Michigan as a new and healthy fad for residents. 

Commonly, when “quickly” as well as “food” go together, that is actually not a benefit. Dull flavors. Tons of fat deposits and also fats. Mediocre company. It is actually the means most areas carry out traits, yet that’s not the Pita Method method.

Inspired through appealing late-night Windsor kebab stands as well as bring into play family members dishes and also culinary secrets supplied through his aunt and granny, founder Brandon Bahoura laid out to develop a substitute to uninteresting burgers and pizza. A 2007 Oakland University grad along with a Bachelors in Business Marketing, Brandon quickly discovered that his suggestions got a warm receiving from place residents.

The first Pita Method bistro opened up in Clarkston in April of 2010. Nearly right away, Pita Method came to be extensively known for its own fantastic meals, realistic rates, relaxed setting and also quickly, helpful service.

7 years later, nothing at all’s altered. Brandon as well as Pita Technique’s managers accept clients of all ages for the same mouth watering, healthy, value-packed foods as constantly– as well as since people come back over and over, he knows a lot of them by label.

Today, Pita-Way delivers 9 hassle-free places (and also increasing) in Clarkston, Auburn Hillsides, White Lake Area, Fenton, Warren as well as Brighton (just among others), with additional to follow. Pita Method might possess grown, but our dedication stays the exact same: To provide new, delicious, healthy and balanced Mediterranean food items. To give friendly, quick, dependable solution, and also to create every customer our accepted visitor.


What Makes Mediterranean Food So Good?

Mediterranean dishes is actually the foods as well as strategies of planning through folks of the Mediterranean Container location. The concept of a Mediterranean food stems along with the cookery author Elizabeth David’s publication, A Publication of Mediterranean Food Items (1950 ), though she created primarily regarding French food. She and various other article writers including the Tunisian historian Mohamed Yassine Essid define the three core factors of the dishes as the olive, wheat, as well as the grape, giving olive oil, breadstuff as well as spaghetti, as well as wine; various other article writers focus on the range of the region’s foods as well as refute that it is a helpful concept. The topographical region covered broadly observes the circulation of the olive plant, as taken note by David and also Essid.

The location stretches over a wide variety of cultures along with specific foods, particularly (going anticlockwise around the area) the Maghrebi, Egyptian, Levantine, Footrest (Turkish), Greek, Italian, Provençal (French), and Spanish. Nevertheless, the historical hookups of the area, and also the impact of the Mediterranean Ocean on the region’s environment as well as economic climate, suggest that these disheses share recipes beyond the primary triad of oil, breadstuff, and also a glass of wine, such as roast lamb or even mutton, meat product agitations along with veggies and tomato (for example, Spanish andrajos and Italian ciambotta), as well as the salty healed fish roe, bottarga, found around the area. Spirits based upon anise are actually intoxicated in numerous nations around the Mediterranean.

The food preparation of the location is certainly not to be confused along with the Mediterranean diet, created preferred because of the apparent health and wellness advantages of a diet regimen wealthy in olive oil, wheat or grain and other surfaces, results, vegetables, and also a specific volume of sea food, however reduced in chicken and also milk items. Mediterranean cuisine covers the manner ins which these as well as various other ingredients, consisting of chicken, are actually handled in the kitchen space, whether they are actually wholesome or otherwise.

The elements of Mediterranean dishes are actually to a magnitude different coming from those of the food of Northern Europe, with olive oil instead of butter, red wine instead of draft beer. The list of on call active ingredients has actually transformed over the centuries. One significant modification was the overview of numerous foods by the Arabs to Portugal, Spain and also Sicily in between Ages. [36] Those foods items consisted of aubergines, green spinach, glucose cane, rice, oranges as well as citrus fruit products, [37] developing the distinguishing culinary heritage of Al-Andalus. [38]

Another primary change was the appearance of foods from the Americas in Very early Modern opportunities (around the 16th century), especially the incorporation of the potato right into Northern European dishes, [c] as well as the excited fostering of the tomato into Mediterranean cuisine. The tomato, therefore central right now to that dishes, was actually very first illustrated in print by Pietro Andrea Mattioli in 1544. Similarly, many of the types of Phaseolus beans currently utilized around the Mediterranean, featuring P. vulgaris (the French or haricot bean), were actually brought back from the Americas through Spanish as well as Portuguese travelers.

Much of Classical food becomes part of the larger custom of Footrest food, the labels of the recipes disclosing Arabic, Persian or even Turkish origins: moussaka, tzatziki, yuvarlakia, keftes and so forth. A lot of dishes’ names probably got in the Classical lexicon during Footrest times, or earlier in contact with the Persians and also the Arabs. However, some foods might be actually pre-Ottoman, just taking Turkish names later on; the historians of meals John Ash as well as Andrew Dalby, as an example, stick neck out that grape-leaf dolmadhes were made by the early Complex duration, while Alan Davidson indications trahana to the historical Greek tragos and also skordalia to the historical Athenian skorothalmi. Greek culinary creates wide use of veggies, olive oil, grains, fish, wine and also meat (white colored as well as red, featuring lamb, fowl, bunny and pork). Various other essential active ingredients include olives, cheese, aubergine, courgette, lemon extract, veggies, weeds, bread and also yogurt. Some recipes may be mapped back to early Greece: lentil soup, fasolada, retsina (white colored or even rosé red or white wine flavoured with yearn resin) and pasteli (sesame seeds baked with natural honey); some to the Hellenistic and also Classical durations: loukaniko (dried out pork bratwurst); as well as Byzantium: feta cheese, avgotaraho (bottarga) as well as paximadhia (rusk). Lakerda (pickled fish), mizithra cheese and puddings like diples, koulourakia, moustokouloura and melomakarono additionally go back to the Oriental time frame, while the selection of different pitas most likely dates back to the historical times.

When You Think of Mediterranean Food, What Comes to Mind?

Is it the ever-popular Classical food, moussaka? Or even what concerning hummus, börek, tabbouleh, and baba ghanoush? You have actually most likely eaten at the very least some of those foods just before. Coming from breads to vegetables to oils, there are actually so many elements as well as recipes that are uniquely and iconically Mediterranean.

While numerous recipes are recognizably Mediterranean, actual Mediterranean dishes encompasses the Mediterranean container, which covers numerous significantly various geographic regions including Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Chicken and also Syria, one of several others. Many foundations of Mediterranean cuisine include olive oil, wine, bread, and dried out flavors.

For several reasons, whether it is actually the level of popularity of the Mediterranean diet plan, or Syrian expatriates anxious to share their lifestyle with now-fellow Americans, Mediterranean dining establishments of all societies around the USA are actually becoming an increasing number of popular.

Thus permit’s plunge right in.

What is actually Mediterranean Meals?

Classical Food items

When many individuals consider “Mediterranean dishes”, their initial thought and feelings is generally Classical food. But a lot of Classical dishes possesses origins in Turkish, Persian, and also Arabic foods and suggestions. (With a lot of nearby nations of Greece, it’s inevitable!) For instance, you may realize tzatziki as authentically Greek, yet its own origins– straight to the label– are Turkish. Classical food is many thousand years of ages and also is actually highly entwined along with Classical culture as a whole.

Today’s Greek food items intensely relies on olive oil, vegetables, clean seafood, red wine, sheep, beef, lemon juice, as well as cheese, one of several various other active ingredients.

There are actually several locations within Greek dishes on its own, like Cretan, Macedonian, and also Cypriot, but also for benefit’s purpose– allow’s explore some legendary, typical Greek foods!

Pita breadstuff

We have actually all eaten pita breadstuff previously, as well as all of us realize it as a Greek staple.

Pita has actually been actually memorialized within Classical cuisine since the 1100s. In Classical cuisine, pita bread usually isn’t consumed in parts alongside foods, like several Americans are actually made use of to. In Greece, pita bread is actually used practically solely as a sandwich wallet for souvlaki, gyro, and various other sandwich/condiment combos.

Dolmades, or even stuffed grape leaves

Dolmades are actually grape creeping plant or cabbage leaves behind, typically stuffed along with rice and natural herbs, then steamed until the leaves are actually fork-tender.

The condition “dolmades” is actually distinctly Greek, however the idea of “dolma” is observed throughout a lot of other Mediterranean disheses, as well as the fallen leaves could be crammed with tomato, onion, or even minced meat.


Perhaps the absolute most recognizable Classical food in the US, a gyro is made with meat product that’s prepared on a vertical rotisserie discharge. The gyro’s roots remain in doner kebab (you could possibly say the authentic meat product prepared in this way) as well as is a popular fast food option in Greece today. In Greece, you can commonly find pig as well as poultry gyro.

Turkish Meals

Turkish meals is actually almost as well-known as Greek food items in the USA, yet their cuisines share numerous resemblances. Items like kebab, yogurt-based sauces, as well as pide, while without a doubt Turkish, cross perimeters with various other bordering lifestyles and also disheses.


We could possibly talk for times about the duty of kebabs in Turkish food, as it pertains to not only meat-on-a-stick, however likewise meats wrapped in bread, casseroles, and also hashes.

shish kebabs

Coming from döner kebab to kagit kebab (a mixture of chickens as well as vegetables baked in a paper pouch) to shish kebab (skewered grilled meat products and also vegetables), there are an assortment of meat-based meals that embody Turkish dishes and also are actually still readied today.


Menemen is an egg-based food that also consists of environment-friendly peppers, tomatoes, as well as ground pepper. New natural herbs can also be included in the rushed egg combination prior to being actually cooked.

In Turkish dishes, menemen is actually frequently eaten for morning meal, fulfilled with bread for dipping along with several opposite recipes (In Turkey, breakfast is actually typically a heavy meal.). Like a lot of other Turkish meals, it is actually performed in the exact same pot that it chefs in, enabling additional food preparation after being actually removed coming from heat energy.


Turkey is in charge of several world-renowned treats! Turkish pleasure, Baklava, and also halva are just a few examples of Turkish treats that we observe frequently in the US, which are actually still appreciated in Turkey.

Baklava is made with pistachios, nuts, or even walnuts, and could be prepped in a handful of different ways. Many variations make use of milk or even clean lotion as opposed to the syrup or even natural honey usually made use of, to produce a lighter planning.

In the US, Turkish satisfy is actually linked with a distinct rosewater taste, but it can be created in a lot of tastes as well as versions, taking advantage of lemon or Bergamot orange, as an example. Its unique gel texture along with its starchy finishing makes it an unambiguous confection in Mediterranean cuisine.

Syrian Meals

Syrian cuisine has actually altered hugely throughout record, but a number of its dishes still utilized today are actually countless years of ages. Out of each of the different Mediterranean food worlds, Syrian food items is possibly one of the most veggie- and lentil-dependent disheses, heavily utilizing eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, chickpeas, pistachios, and so far more.

Aleppo’s Kitchen area is actually a Mediterranean restaurant that is actually home to this unique sub-category of Mediterranean food, as well as assists the observing dishes (and much more). Foodies may realize the urban area of Aleppo as the culinary capital of the Middle East as a result of its special food items origins. Due to the fact that it gets on the Syrian-Turkish border, Aleppian cuisine urges cultural togetherness when it involves those pair of locations.

Meze (appetisers).

In Syrian society, meze are normally provided along with breadstuff prior to the main course is actually consumed. Hummus, baba ghanoush, kibbeh, as well as muhammara, one of numerous others, prevail selections for Syrian foods, as well as at Aleppo’s Kitchen.

Hummus is a soft dip or spread created with ground chickpeas, tahini, and also new lemon. The tahini is what helps make hummus, hummus!

Baba ghanoush is actually yet another plunge or spread, this one along with a mashed eggplant bottom. It is actually meaty and also dental filling, with a distinct preference reviewed to hummus and yogurt-based dips.

Kibbeh is produced from carefully ground meat, bulgur (split wheat), onions, and conventional seasonings. In Syria, sheep, goat, or camel may be made use of. Kibbeh is thus largely consumed that it is actually looked at to become the nationwide recipe of several Mediterranean locations.

Muhammara is a hot pepper dip that has sources in Aleppo, Syria (as a result of the Aleppo pepper), and also it is among the various recipes that assist Syrian food items stick out coming from various other Mediterranean foods. It’s used a pepper paste, ground pines, as well as certainly, olive oil. Like hummus and also baba ghanoush, it is actually eaten as a plunge or array. It can additionally be actually performed alongside smoked chicken and also fish.

Perhaps the absolute most preferred Syrian street food, shawarma is actually characterized through breadstuff packed with trimmed chicken (beef or even chick) alongside hummus, onions, predicaments, as well as at times French-fries. In a sit-down dining establishment setting, shawarma can be discovered in a platter together with hummus, mixed greens, pita, garlic sauce and rice.

Mediterranean food: Several Correlations Among Cultures, yet Also Many Distinctions.

As you may find, the phrase “Mediterranean dishes” covers a considerable amount of ground, much more than we possess space to cover in this message.

While staples like olives, clean cheese, breadstuff, veggies, and also almonds tie together various Mediterranean disheses, Syrian meals stands apart because of its uses of various seasonings as well as elements, coupled with its own centuries-old heritages that are actually still happily welcomed today.